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My Nainital Trip | Uttrakhand Tourism

In the North Indian State of Uttrakhand, a Nainital Trip has been in everyone’s list. Here are some of the places to visit in Nainital, the hill station, the city of lakes. In fact, you can sit back and virtually/pictorially enjoy the Uttrakhand Tourism.

Dal Lake:

Nainital being a popular Hill Station, has to include a must visit lake called Dal Lake. Also Cave gardens but i’ll talk that later. People can take a boat ride in the lake, experience the local market around it. The most popular market is obviously the Tibetan Market, where its true art and culture can be seen. Nainital is well known for locally made candles. One can literally find all possible fragrances, styles and shapes of candles. The one I bought is in form of a mini lantern.

Bachelors Trip Nainital

Cave Gardens, Zipline:

The next place to visit on a worthy and memorable Nainital Trip would surely be the Cave Gardens. Where you not only get to take a walkthrough 6-8 caves of different styles but at the end you get to zipline your way back. Adventurous isn’t it!

Waterfalls and Mountains,  Nainital Trip:

The third popular spot is high up the hills almost into the clouds. You might find locals with professional binoculars/the telescope thing in the picture that I have included. They showed us the far apart neighboring mountain and mentioned about the flags hoisted on it. I honestly forgot the details about those flags, please comment if you know. There is also a waterfall nearby on the hills, I’ll include the pictures too.

Nainital Meme

Travelling and convenience:

In general, walking in the city and hiking up the hills has been a lot peaceful in this serene city. Just avoid to hike late night in non-market areas, because you might become dinner of some wild animals, yes beware of wolves and cheetahs. Although we did hike the same path twice, once at late night, and the next morning. The experience was entirely uneven at different timings.

The city is just too convenient to travel, they even have a ‘rent a Royal Enfield/ or any bike’ scheme at a cheap price. They even allow renting the traditional clothing for an hour or half, nearby the Dal Lake, so one could take pictures in it.

Being a hill station, network (cellphones) problems may be faced, so that must be kept in mind.

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