Montserrat For Life

“Montserrat for life!!” is a phrase I use a lot these days because I use Montserrat font style for almost everything. Be it any Canva template or any wordpress website that I make for my clients.

Montserrat font style is very easily available on all of the platforms. So, I don’t have to worry about choosing any font style. I even use this font while making Birthday Invitations, Christmas cards, time table, calenders in Canva.

Speaking of Canva, I have been using Canva for more than 12 years. I was in grade 11th (2011). Since then, whenever I has to make any graphic or infographic/ social media posts / collages, I used Montserrat. I am committed to it.

Here is an examples of me using Montserrat in an diagram.

3D Printing Step

In the diagram shown above, I have tried to describe the general steps of 3D printing. I made this graphic for a startup named High Clouds. As you can see, the font style is Montserrat Italic. It looks so damn modern. Montserrat is much much better than Verdana, Times New Roman, Comic Sans, and all other font styles. F*ck all. Montserrat rules. Yeayyyy.

Montserrat font comes in many types & weights. Here are some of the types that is available in Canva.

Types Of Montserrat Fonts in Canva:

MontserratMontserrat Thin
Montserrat ClassicMontserrat Extra-bold
Montserrat Extra-lightMontserrat Semi bold

Some of these are also available in Italic & Bold options.

While setting font types on a website, Montserrat is also available in different weights, such as

  • Montserrat 100
  • Montserrat 100 Italic
  • Montserrat 200
  • Montserrat 200 Italic
  • Montserrat 300
  • Montserrat 300 Italic
  • Montserrat Regular
  • Montserrat Italic
  • Montserrat 500
  • Montserrat 500 Italic
  • Montserrat 600
  • Montserrat 600 Italic
  • Montserrat 700
  • Montserrat 700 Italic
  • Montserrat 800
  • Montserrat 800 Italic
  • Montserrat 900
  • Montserrat 900 Italic

Out of all of these types, the regular, & 500s are my most favourite. I love Montserrat so much that I want my grave stone to be written in Montserrat font.

If there ever was a best fonts award, I would give the trophy to Montserrat.

MONTSERRAT for life!!! Bruh!!.

Shout out to the guy/girl whoever invented this font. I love you.

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