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My web story with Google’s WordPress Plugin

So, recently I have been exploring new changes that has been happening in various technologies. One of the changes are web stories. I suppose in 2018, Goggle had launched a wordpress plugin named Web Stories. I just installed it (in 2021 though). It uses media files that are already uploaded on the wordpress media library to help the admin create a webstory. For a test run, I created a webstory using the same plugin & I felt like its editor dashboard was very similar to Canva.com . By the way, I am a very regular user of Canva.

Anyways, check out my story below.

The web story created in Google WordPress plugin- ‘Web Story’ can even be used in new wordpress posts. I am not sure as of why they haven’t yet made it easy for these web-stories to be used in existing wordpress posts.

rankmath web story

Tags & Ranking:

Google has said that web stories will appear in web search results as well. And while I was creating the above shown web story, i saw an option to enter tags/ keywords too. I had entered about 7 keywords in that. I hope my story would appear on those keywords *fingers-crossed*. Google must be making a lot of improvements in the web-story & web-story plugin’ dashboards because I faced many glitches.

One more thing related to ranking is that, the plugin web-story is also synced to Rank Math SEO plugin. So from the Rank Math dashboard, you could enable/disable the web stories to show up on sitemap & search engines.

rankmath web story meta

Upon connecting my Google Analytics account (GA4) on Google Site Kit (WP plugin), the Google Web-Story plugin dashboard said/mentioned that the insights of my stories would reflect in my analytics (GA/GA4) too, but I am not sure is that is working correctly because while debugging the above shown story, the web-story plugin spotted some error with it being connecting to analytics (GA/GA4).

web story GA sitekit

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