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Best Hindu songs for Meditation/ Yoga/ Dhyaan/ Trance

This blog is a collection of various Sanatana Dharma songs (in Sanskrit) that are very popular among the Hindu youngsters. These songs/ mantras are for meditation, motivation, worshipping & religious / trance celebrations.

Devi Shakti- Mahishasura Mardini

First lets start with a Sanskrit song ‘Mahishasura Mardini’ to honor the Shakti (the divine Devi).

Lord Vishnu

Among the 3 supreme Lords (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh), Lord Vishnu is known to preserve our dharma whenever adharma rises. On our earth, up untill 21st Century (Georgian Calender), there has been 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu. 8th avatar was Lord Krishna, 9th avatar was Lord Buddha, and the next one will be Kalki avatar. Goddess Vaishno Devi is patiently waiting for him in the himalayas. Also, there is a temple of Vaishno Devi in Sri Nager, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Also since buddhism is derived from Hinduism, In Buddhism also, it has been predicted that there will be a next avatar of Buddha (Maitreya Buddha) in future.

Lord Kalki

Lord Ram

Lord Shiva- The Adiyogi

Kaal Bhairava- A Rudra Roop of Lord Shiva

Lord Krishna- The 9th Vishnu Avatar

It is almost impossible to say ‘Krishna’ without saying ‘Radha’. In the Indian culture, we say ‘Radhe Radhe’ , ‘Radhe Krishna’ . These days ‘Hare Krishna’ is also common among the ISKON community.

Jai Jaggannath, Subhadra & Balram

Namo Namo He Shankara (Mahadev)


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