My Lucid Dreaming Timeline – Series Introduction

My Lucid Dreaming Timeline – Series Introduction

April 15, 2019 0 By Reya Roy

Lucid Dreaming might have become a trendy topic now, but the concept to control my dreams has been a driving force in me since my childhood. Although earlier, I didn’t even know that it is termed as ‘Lucid Dreaming’ but the time & creativity I spend in up-skilling myself to control & direct my dreams has been a great journey.

Welcome to my Lucid Dreaming Timeline. I am Reya Roy. I am a 22 year old girl currently living in New Delhi, India. In this series of blogs, I will describe how I was able to master Lucid Dreaming in 14 years of time. I know it took me too long because I was experimenting on my own but after going through my blogs, it will be much easier for you to grasp the concept in a shorter amount of time.

This is the first blog in my Lucid Dreaming Timeline Series. In this first intro blog, I will just be briefly introducing certain skills that I have acquired with experimentation & practice. In the next blogs of this series, I will be explaining how I up-graded each of my Lucid Dreaming Skills.

Lucid Dreaming Series Introduction:

For now, let me just mention each of the skill as a teaser to this lucid dream series.

  1. Prequel & Sequel Mode of Previous Dreams
  2. Physical Fights & Time Bound Challenges
  3. Changing Point of View (POV) Angles while Dreaming (camera angles)
  4. Self Communication / Self Narrative Skills.
  5. HD Looking Dreams
  6. Correlation with PC/Console Game Controls
  7. Rewind Mode
  8. Recognizing a dream & choosing when to wake up
  9. Recognizing aroma, smell, mild taste & feel.
  10. Feeling Physical Pain/ Sprain
  11. Controlled Hand Gliding anywhere in a dream
  12. Adrenaline Rush while Lucid Dreaming
  13. Controlled Sleep Paralysis
  14. Controlling a Dream with within a Dream
  15. Controlling a Sleep Paralysis within a Dream
  16. Time Control/Lapse in a Lucid Dream
  17. Teleportation in Lucid Dream
  18. Positivity & determination to win
  19. Time Travel in Lucid Dreams
  20. Flying in a Lucid Dream

The first 8 skills are the earlier ones that I had explored in the first 9 years (out of those 14 years). By the 9th year, I got introduced to the term ‘Lucid Dream’. Earlier, I used to just call it Controlled Dreaming or Vivid Dreams & I didn’t talk about it much because people thought I was crazy & obsessed over dreams & also because I hadn’t heard any such concept from others too.

Just like practicing too hard with passion to learn to whistle in tune, practicing Lucid Dreaming got the same approach from me. And now I feel confident enough to share my Lucid Dreaming Timeline with you guys to elaborate on the basic concepts that helped me upgrade my Lucid Dreaming Skills. These concepts & strategies might give you an insight into what went into exploring/discovering & upgrading each of these skills & it might also help you learn Lucid Dreaming in a safe & positive way.

Hope to catch you in my next blog in this series. Feel free to comment/mail/chat/text.