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I'm Reya Roy,
a Digital Marketer

Hi, I'm Reya & this is my site- Tuned Wanderer. From building SEO Compatible Websites, to Tracking to Marketing & Social Media, I enjoy my profession as a Digital Marketer. Scroll down to know more of me. You can also find my blogs right below.

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A Certified Digital Marketer & Wordpress Developer.

This website is my resume where you get a one stop view of my professional & recreative work. I also blog here to share my Lucid Dreaming experiences & to share my Travel Blogs. In the travel blogs, I describe the details, geography/culture, how I packed , preferrable season and in general most of the things you would want to know. Also beacuse I had been practicing Lucid Dreaming since the last 12 years, I also blog my experience on that.

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Noida, New Delhi, India